Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The title of this entry refers to the brand of beer I'm drinking as I type Anyway, I'm downtown and supposed to meet the group and go see some live band or something so I am killing time in an internet cafe. I intended to write something about the election but I don't have my notes with me right now, so I guess that post will have to wait. In the meantime I'm sure you can find plenty of news about it on the web. I will say again that the similarities to the 2000 election are frightening, Calderon has stated something about god deciding he has won or some other religious crap. Sound familiar?

There are some interesting things occuring in Oaxaca right now on the political front. Today the Asemblea Popular, a group of about 400 organizations, is supposed to take over the governor's office in the zocalo. The governor doesn't actually work there anymore, he moved his office out of town into what was described to me as a militarized fortress of sorts. The take over is more symbolic than anything else, the building has historically housed the governor and its occupation sends the message that there is a new government in town. The Asamblea is a movement that grew out of the violent government response to the teacher protest on June 14 (I think or 16th?) and the group is now looking to cooperatively drive Ulises, the governor, out of office. In addition to the occupation of the governor's office, many of the highways leading into Oaxaca were blocked and I heard someone say the airport was closed at one point as well. I will write more about this situation soon, I have a feeling there is a lot more in store. Gustavo Esteva, the man who works with or at least writes about the Zapatistas, has been using words like revolution to describe this grassroots movement to oust the governor. If Ulises just resigns, or the federal government basically tells him to get out, it is likely nothing will occur. If he does not step down that is when things start to get interesting! Tomorrow we are headed to Gustavo's house for further discussion and updates on the political events here in Oaxaca.

Off to hear the it isn't as exciting as it sounds, I'm sure I'll be home in bed at 10:30, I can't keep up with these little whipper snappers!

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