Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Insects in my belly!

Oaxaca is known throughout Mexico and the world for its unique and muy rico cuisine. This is the home of mole, that very dense, dark sauce of which there are many different varieties. It is also the home of chapulines! These are fried grasshoppers (yes grasshoppers) seasoned with chili and lime juice. They sell mounds and mounds of these in the markets around town and I had resisted trying them for quite awhile. In fact we were at the market on Saturday and several in our group chomped one down while grimacing and faking a smile at the same time. This was not very convincing so I bowed out of eating one but my grasshopper abstinence would not last for long.

At comida this weekend our señora presented a plate of chapulines for our dining pleasure!Luckily the plate did not contain the grasshopper intact but instead held chopped chapulines which were much less offensive but I still saw little grasshopper legs. I sprinkled a few legs and other fried grasshopper parts on a tortilla with some beans and salsa and chomped away, imitating my señora. They are actually not bad at all (can't taste them) and in some way eating these insects seems like sweet revenge for those insects that torture me on my nightly bathroom trips. Speaking of which...

Last night I woke up out of a deep and satisfying sleep after receiving one of nature's frequent nightly calls. A bit groggy I walked the one foot from my bed to the bathroom and very gingerly turned the light switch on and scanned for the roach. I also didn't shut the door first and then turn the light on as I usually do out of respect for my roomie. Respect goes out the window when big roaches are involved. So after a quick scan, floor, walls, roof, shower, I decided it was all clear and relieved the bladder. Happy that my roach sighting the night before was an anomaly I washed my hands and just as I look up from the sink to dry my hands on the hand towel, there the little, or should I say big, bastard was. Actually for some reason I sense this roach is a girl so I should say bitch. This time she was crawling on our wire rack that is bolted to the wall above the toilet and holds our various lotions and potions, things that we touch everyday! Worse still she was sitting on my roomies toothbrush! Okay, roomie has a guard over the bristles so this isn't as earth shattering as it sounds but I have never been happier about purchasing my all over (like a big plastic toothbrush condom) toothbrush holder in my life. I will never again put my toothbrush naked and out in the open when traveling! Of course I backed away slowly (fear of flying), debated briefly what to do and decided the best course of action would be nothing. So I went back to bed, adrenaline pumping after this encounter, and couldn't fall back to sleep for a bit. I briefly debated shutting the bathroom door because of the close proximity of my bed to the bathroom but realized this would be a bit stupid since the gap between the door and the floor was definitely constructed for cockroach clearance. Visions of roaches climbing on to my bedspread and across my face plagued me and I debated whether I should tell my roomie about her toothbrush. Would I want to know there was a roach climbing on my toothbrush, even if it was just on the little plastic thingy guarding the bristles? Or would ignorance be bliss? I did tell her the next morning and I also washed off all my lotion bottles, toothpaste tube etc.

I believe this little fucker lives comes out of the shower drain so I intend to cover that drain tonight with a small plastic bowl that the maid uses for some sort of cleaning purpose. Said bowl is almost perfectly sized to prevent roach encroachment (like how I squeezed the word roach into two words right next to each other?!). I'm also going to plug the sink drain just for good measure. If this doesn't work maybe I will leave a chapuline carcass out and show her I mean business! I guess the roach would probably know I was only bluffing.

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