Saturday, July 22, 2006

Roach revenge and Lucha Libre

I'm writing today with the lingering effects from too much mezcal last night so this post might be a bit rough. I have a visitor from the U.S. here which is one reason for the lack of updates this week...I'm finishing up my field trip recap and will post that soon. Monday I begin my field research in earnest (my reason for being here after all) so future posts will likely be about these experiences, in part to help me remember what I have learned throughout the week. I'm then headed home on August 4th and so will have no more exciting travel adventures to write about...but until then the adventures continue!

Roach Revenge
So my roach killing has come back to haunt me in the worst way, the roaches are seeking retribution for my caulous assasination of one of their brethren. Walking around this Wednesday showing my visitor the sights, we stop and buy some bottled water. The woman behind the counter hands us two bottles of water, one of them appears to have a bit of dirt on the outside of the bottle but no biggie, I take it and hand the other to my companion. We continue our leisurely stroll and I open the bottle and take a drink, putting the cap back on. We keep walking...I unscrew the cap again and for some reason something catches my eye and I look down at the inside of the cap. Holy shit, little roaches are crawling around the inside of the cap! I scream and drop the cap and water on the sidewalk. Apparently when I unscrewed the top the first time I didn't notice but it must have already been open. The little jackasses were just waiting to jump into my mouth and run around, or be swallowed and hatch roach babies in my stomach, the ultimate revenge. I don't think I actually swallowed any of them but this is easily one of the most disgusting things that has ever happened to me. It gives me the heebie geebies just thinking about it, damn roaches, they are after me now.

Lucha Libre!
I have always wanted to go to a Lucha Libre (free fight) match while in Mexico but have never gotten around to it. This all changed Wednesday night, I was ringside for two match ups of horribly cheesy wrestling. Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling, very similar to the WWF stuff in the states, except they wear these great masks. We saw a poster for a match on Wednesday and took a cab to a fair (think rides, candy, games) in an outlying neighborhood of Oaxaca. We bought our tickets for the match, bought our tickets to enter the fair grounds, got a beer (necessity) and walked over to the ring. We had to chug our beers before entering, apparently they don't allow boozing during the fights, but this was not an issue and soon we were sitting in the third row from the ring.

The first match was between the Chivas of Guadalajara and the Policeman and Brandon. The Chivas were the clear crowd favorite probably because they were both wearing goat masks, complete with horns and fur, and matching outfits. Brandon and the Policeman did not match, Brandon was wearing green spandex that were WAY too tight and no shirt which was evidently necessary to display his biceps in all their glory as he walked around the ring flexing at every opportunity. The Policeman was in a spandex unitard type thing of blue camouflage....not sure what that was about. The match was hilarious, so staged and choreographed, whenever one of the wrestlers really laid the other one out the crowd would start chanting, "Otra! Otra! Otra!". The matches are the best two out of three and even the referee gets in on the action, he kicked several of the wrestlers in the ass. The Chivas won the first, lost the second and then of course won the third. Afterwards the crowd rushes to the ring to get autographs and pictures with the wrestlers.

The next match was between Tiffany and her partner Abuelo (grandfather) Vs. Super and Cynthia. Same thing, fake slapping noises, lots of shouting and taunting one another, very little actually wrestling and a whole lot of bad acting. The Abuelo actually spent a lot of time out of the ring and would run into the crowd, grab people and hold them in front of him for protection from his opponent and even took a cell phone from a spectator and used it to take pictures. He was quite the ham but the crowd seemed to love him and cheered him on vigorously. So while this was entertaining it got old very quickly so we left soon after the Abuelo and Tiffany won.

Okay, must recover from my mezcal tasting last night, lots of water and maybe a beer should help. Probably a nap too.....tough life here in Oaxaca.

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