Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tato en fuego!

Tato was en fuego last night! I love the Guerreros mascot! Other than his usual antics on the field Tato occasionally takes to the stands to connect with his people. He sits with the group of fans who inhabit the seats behind home plate every game and produce a racket with their noise makers when their favorite batter steps up to the plate. He takes pictures with the little kids. He also dances with drunken adults!

At one point in the evening Tato was in the crowd, a song came on over the loud speaker (I can’t remember which one) and Tato begins dancing. Soon he is joined by a drunken man (I assume anyway) who begins to gyrate and grind against Tato in a very suggestive manner. Tato puts up with this for awhile and the crowd chuckled a bit but after a few minutes Tato seems to get fed up, grabs the man’s head in between his two bird hands and shoves his face down into his groin area! The crowd went wild! This is the dirtiest mascot I have ever seen and now I truly do have mascot envy.

I also figured out last night that when the beer vendors walk around shouting “Cerveza! Cerveza!” if they say it fast enough it sounds like “Marissa! Marissa!”. Go ahead, try it! Okay so maybe by the time I realized this I had consumed a few cervezas but this realization works on so many levels don’t you think? The group that was with me didn’t seem so convinced; when I told them about the cerveza/Marissa connection they laughed and shook their heads a bit. I’m sure it was just frustration that they themselves had not thought of this first! Yeah…that’s it….

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