Friday, July 28, 2006

Tato Otra Vez

Research was a bit uneventful today, we had to head to the school to print and copy a few things in preparation for the weekend. We then hopped on a bus to the Central de Abastos and caught a collective taxi to one of the colonias in SJA. The collectives are a great way to travel, 50 cents to drive us to SJA, only 15 cents more than the bus and you can catch them on the street just like a bus. I wish they would have this type of arrangement in Phoenix for the drunks leaving the bars, it would make my life easier and would likely be immensely entertaining at the same time.

We walked around two of the colonias that have been built on ejido land (communal farm land) in a vain attempt to try and figure out the process of sale and construction on these lands. The law says one thing in regard to who can and cannot sell but the reality is always very different. After a good deal of sweating and not much else we head back into town and attempt to visit some of the offices that were closed the day before only to find out those we wanted to speak to had gone. Oh well, we are getting to know the front office staff anyway which is never a bad thing.

Headed to baseball game tonight to blow off some steam. I am hoping there will be more mascot shenanigans but how can you top what Tato has already done!? I think it will be difficult. I tried to find a picture of Tato on Google Mexico but nothing comes up.

Roach saga...
You knew there had to be an update. I took my drain precautions last night, basically covering them all up, and slept quite well. Still under the illusion that this is indeed working, I confidently walk into the bathroom this morning to take a shower, removing the sink drain plug and the two pieces of rolled up toilet paper I use to plug the sink holes. I then draw back the shower curtain (kinda like a horror flick isn't it) and there is a roach, lying on its back, legs in the air, almost dead (like a fish belly up in the tank), not 3 inches from the bowl over the shower drain! He must have been exhausted from laughing at me and my futile efforts at roach control and fallen from the roof. Or perhaps after a long night of trotting all over my face and body he didn't have the energy to find another escape route once he discovered the shower drain was covered. Either way his little legs were still twitching so I pulled off my flip flop and smashed him nice and hard and then flushed his nasty insect butt down the toilet. Hopefully tonight I will have just enough beer to make me calm and indifferent to the roaches because I will bet they are coming in full force. Last night the warning bell was sounded....they are done messing with me and mean business. Am I becoming a bit obsessive about this? Naw......

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