Thursday, July 27, 2006


I wrote this little blurb last weekend on Saturday but forgot to post it....musings on mezcal.

I have been feeling crappy and sluggish all day long and I’m going to blame the mezcal. I have decided I don’t really like mezcal, I appreciate the further refinement of tequila. I came to this conclusion before my hangover but this definitely solidifies the decision. Last night we had planned to attend a mezcal festival they have every year here in Oaxaca but it was cancelled due to all the political strife in the city. Instead of the festival we went to a bar and they happened to be having a mezcal tasting event. For 50 pesos (five bucks) we sat in a room with two shot glasses in front of us, some slices of orange and a description of the age of the mezcal, the type of agave it was from, etc. We didn’t realize that several people were going to get up and do Power Point presentations about the types of mezcal we were drinking so we were forced to sit through some long winded explanations of the two bottles. Once we commenced drinking the mezcal, the manufacturers doing the presentation described it as having a sweet taste, a bouquet of something or other, basically they used the same terms you apply to wine. I did not taste or smell any of the things I was supposed to, it simply tasted like really rough tequila to me and the orange slices were only marginally helpful. Mezcal has a very distinct bite to it, think of really cheap house tequila only worse. I'm hoping I just haven't had good mezcal but I'm afraid I don't really want to try too much more to prove that theory.

After choking down several shots to get my 50 pesos worth, there was a raffle and three people in our little group won three bottles of the very stuff we could barely choke down. I think someone is going to be getting a bottle of mezcal as a gift from Mexico! Any takers? I also have a commemorative shot glass to go with it and several lovely pens. All of this can be yours…..

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