Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So last night when we got home from celebrating the 4th I carefully covered the drain in the shower and the sink and was loudly singing my own praises about how smart I was when my roomie dropped a bombshell. She said something to the effect of, "I hate to tell you this" and I stopped her and said, "Is it about the roach?", she replied in the affirmative. So I said, "If you saw it in here don't tell me!" so she said "Ok" and went quite and started reading her book again. Well now of course I know it is about the roach in our room and not the bathroom so I have to know or I will just die. So I beg her to tell me and she starts with "Is the crack under the door big enough for a roach?". Great! Now my stomach starts to sink and I'm feeling bit ill because of course my bed is the closest to not only the bathroom door but the front door as well. So I say, "Of course" and she tells me she thought she saw it scurrying away under the door.

I chose to ignore this information for several reasons.
  1. My roomie has terrible eyesight! I mean horrible!
  2. If it was scurrying for the front door that means it probably was getting ready to snuggle with me under the covers.
  3. I was so proud of my ingenious plan I could not accept this news.
  4. The drain plugs were already in place!
Well, after 3 late night trips to the bathroom (went out drinking last night) there was no sign of the roach. I choose to believe my plan worked! Victory!

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