Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Drinking at school...my dream come true

I am still at school right now, it is about 5:00pm, but unlike the uptight schools in the U.S. I have consumed three beers in the very place we usually sit for lectures! Okay, perhaps it isn't fair to compare this to ASU and the like, our school is actually called Universidad de la Tierra and it is very small and just a wee bit alternative. Beer drinking is not a usual thing (for me anyway) after each school day is done (though I think it is a fine idea), the Germany Vs. Italy World Cup semi-final game was on and my instructor, Oliver, is from Germany. In fact, for the quarter finals he wore his lederhosen the whole day! Unfortunately Germany just lost but we did have quesadillas delivered; just like pizza only Mexican style. So, anyway, since I have consumed a few beers before I write anymore I think I need to walk the buzz off. Actually, I intend to eat my daily ice cream treat which I'm sure is the perfect cure for a slight buzz. There are also a lot of people circling this computer looking like they want to use it; our little school only has 3 or so computers for students that access the internet. I typically just pay for an internet cafe since it is only 80 cents for an hour and I don't like people looking over my shoulder and breathing down my neck.

Some of you, okay, just my family actually, have apparently tried to post comments with little success. There is a reason for this, I haven't set the blog up for comments, mostly because I don't know how and don't know how to regulate them, but also I'm not entirely sure I want comments! I'll look into it but as I mentioned before the instructions are in Spanish and I'm not great at translating yet.

Okay, more later...there are some people wrestling in the main classroom area and it is a tad distracting.

Topics for later today or tomorrow include:

  1. An update on the roach in my bathroom, he was back last night but I have a plan to defeat him!
  2. The formal assembly in Oaxaca that plans to take over the government and kick the governor out of office by Friday. No shit!
  3. A brief description of my cricket eating experience the other day.
  4. Bugs that serve as dye.
Time for ice cream!

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