Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures for a Lazy Sunday

This photo is just outside the Big House looking up the road. This is the portion of the road that the high level bureaucrat had paved, though you cannot see his home in this picture. I like this picture because even though I live in this giant house, with all these fancy amenities, right outside my front gate exists a totally different way of life. Everyday when I walk to the bus I pass burros eating at the side of the road or running down the road being driven by some farmer leading them to greener pastures. No pun intended. Also in this photo are my two favorite dogs. I think they are strays although they don't actually look too skinny, they seem to be rather happy. They wag their tail at me as I walk by, so unlike many other strays in Mexico, they must not be used to being kicked with frequency. Anyway, these dogs tug at my heart strings so much and I want to adopt both of them, they are clearly a family. Must resist temptation...must resist...weakening....
As always click on each picture to make it bigger.

A close up of my favorite cute are they! I'm not even a little dog kind of person but these two are just adorable. The black and white one is the more innocent and loving it seems, while the red and white one has a mischievous gleam in his/her eye. They make a good pair, a good pair I'm dying to adopt!
This is the sign indicating the street I live on. You can see why it is hard to call a taxi and have them find my house. The sign often blows over in the wind and someone has to put it right. In the background is the Chiquelera neighborhood.

I'm always bitching about the muddy road after it rains so here is a picture of my muddy nemesis. As I round the corner and head down to town, this is the road I confront. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that for some reason the bureaucrat chose not to have this section paved. Yeah, it doesn't look that bad right now but trust me, it is rather swampy after it rains, especially a bit further down. Really, it gets bad. I don't just like to bitch about it. Nope. Not me. I hate bitching. Taxi drivers also use the condition of this section of the road to charge me extra cab fare at the last minute. You can imagine how much I enjoy this. They say..."Oh...muy, muy feo"...which means very ugly. As soon as some mention is made of the poor condition of the road I know my fare just went up at least 10 pesos.

A pretty little cactus with some dainty bright pink flowers in the front yard.