Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blade Runner

I checked out Blade Runner from the gringo founded and managed "Oaxaca Lending Library", a place that would require its own blog to explain. This morning when I was there returning a few other movies I had checked out, I was lucky enough to overhear a conversation amongst some of the retired crowd about a marvelous new hearing aid! Apparently someone had discovered a hearing aid for 42 bucks at Radio Shack and it seemed to work as well, if not better, than several other 1000 dollar hearing aids purchased elsewhere. The man responsible for this wonderful discovery had brought it in to the library to pass around for others to try. If they agreed that it was indeed marvelous he was offering to bring back a box full of them next time he went to the States.

As the hearing aid is being passed around a small table of the retired expats you can imagine the conversation, and the volume levels necessary to keep it going. "Can you hear me?" "What?" "Turn the volume up, can you hear me now?" "Yes! This is great!" "What?" "Do you want one?" "What?" "You can adjust it for background noise!" "What?" It was hilarious! The guy passing his hearing aid around couldn't hear very well, and then those trying it on were hearing handicapped while taking their own hearing aid out and figuring out the new one. Complete comedy. I digress...

It is worth mentioning (or maybe it isn't) that I'm about to watch Blade Runner because every geographer I have ever known, or read for that matter, has held this movie up as the ultimate postmodern flick. So basically I figure that I'm killing two birds with one stone, watching a movie and educating myself! Now I will be able to talk intelligently about the movie and be just as cool as all the other rock star geographers. Yes, we do have our own subset of rock star geographers...although none of them induce groupie behavior. I also have to make up for last night, I stayed up until midnight watching the first four episodes of America's Next Top Model (ANTM for the uninitiated) online. Maintaining balance in life is necessary you know.