Friday, October 19, 2007


I was supposed to head out tonight to say goodbye to one of my friends from Spanish school but just about the time I was getting ready to walk to the bus it started raining. As much of the road to the bus is dirt, this of course then turns to mud when it rains, and makes it rather swampy to walk anywhere. Since it gets dark around 7:00pm, I either have to call a cab (which doesn't seem to work very well) or just stay in. So, I guess it is staying in for me.

I wanted to post another picture of buildings subsiding around the Zocalo in Mexico City. Yes, I'm fascinated by this. I really like this picture because it shows the buildings at crazy angles, I enjoy the color of the building facades and the colonial architecture, and there is a market on the street that is just teeming with humanity. The photo sort of captures a lot of the things that make Mexico City so beautiful, chaotic, and out of balance. The thing that makes it really special however, are the" WC" signs displayed prominently on the buildings. When you have a small bladder as I do these signs are like found treasure in a strange land where bathrooms are not always frequent or obvious. Bring your own teepee! Click on it to make the photo larger.

And now that I have done something cultural I'm going to watch a pirated copy of Blood Diamond starring Leo DeCaprio.