Monday, October 01, 2007

Mexico City Images

Some images of Mexico City, I will write more later about my adventures, it has been a crazy weekend.

This first picture is from our hotel room on the 18th floor in the Polanco area of Mexico City. It was a wonderful neighborhood! I went to Starbucks....yes, I'm admitting it publicly. I also bought coffee beans to bring back to Oaxaca, I have now fed the corporate beast. I took this picture to try and capture how bad the smog is....visibility is crappy to say the least.

Then, only a few hours later there was a rain storm, look at the view now. Incredible isn't it? The pictures don't do it justice but hopefully the degree of air cleansing that occurs with rain is evident. This picture is the same view but I actually zoomed out (or however you say it, take notice of the glass building on the right)! There are now mountains in the background that weren't visible before? Pollution!

These are pictures of buildings around the central Zocalo that are subsiding. Click on each one of these to get a better view of how these buildings sit at crazy angles! I was fascinated by this...because I am a dork.