Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pinata! (Can't figure out how to put the tilde over the n)

Things are not always depressing, they are very often quite festive! Non-depressing post alert! Non-depressing post alert!

This past weekend I went to two birthday parties, one for a 2 year old and one for a 25 year old. There were many similarities between the two. There were pinatas at both parties! Alcohol was offered and accepted by guests at both parties (though only in small quantities)! There were games at both parties! Food and cake were consumed until it made me ill at both parties!

The 25 year old is one of my roommates and we had a lovely small brunch for the occasion of her birthday here at our apartment on Sunday. This is a picture of her pinata. I have yet to wrangle the photos of the 2 year olds party from friends so unfortunately you don't get to see a picture of her pinata. It was a lion. Visualize. Also visualize a big pack of 2-5 year olds diving to get at the candy which spilled from the lion's butt. One little girl who couldn't have been older than 2 and a half just sat on the ground dragging as much candy as she could into a big pile in front of her with both arms. Her strategy (a damn good one) was to get all the candy close to her and then put it in a bag whereas the other children were putting candy piece by piece into the bag and didn't have nearly the haul that she did. That girl is going to go far in life.

I digress, picture of the pinata at our apartment.

Because this was not a 2 year olds party we were able to stuff the pinata with additional goods, such as tampons and condoms.

A close-up of the pinata booty.

I think there is an untapped market here in Mexico for the "Naughty Pinata" which might just make me very rich should this PhD thing not work out. I will say, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I was too embarrassed to go into the Mexican drugstore and buy condoms, I had to have a friend do it. Hundreds of years of Catholic guilt (no, I'm not Catholic but they are everywhere here and they can transfer the guilt to you) cannot be overcome that quickly. I knew the prying eyes of the pope would be there to shame me....and I didn't want to reinforce any gringa stereotypes the Mexicans already have. Yes, they think we are all easy, in fact there is a rumor going around our neighborhood that there is "hanky-panky" going on in our apartment. The fact that no men ever enter our apartment doesn't seem to make a difference.

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Anonymous said...

hola, Marissa, I am glad you are still posting, I have an intense interest in your subject matter. I am still in North Carolina, but might come back to Oaxaca this Oct/Nov. Please keep posting, very few people have your outlook and are willing to write about the depressing aspects of life in Oaxaca; it is important that this be shared. Ann