Thursday, April 24, 2008

McCain Votes Against Equal Pay: Women Need "Education And Training"

The title of this post is the current headline on the Huffington Post political blog and the image is my current response to John McCain.

My political leanings are no secret to anyone but this particular quote and his rationale have me so incensed today (as my poor friend Mike found out earlier as I ranted and raved over email) I have to post something. Women do not need more education and training, we need to get paid the same amount of money as men for the same work. Period. If it results in more lawsuits then so be it, we deserve to be paid equally. More lawsuits is just about the lamest excuse for a "no" vote I have ever heard. Why should I go through the exact same PhD process as my male peers (often having to work harder to prove myself because I'm just a girl) only to be paid less. This man is running for president of the United States and has just told half the population that they do not deserve to be compensated at the same level as men. He has in fact told the women of the United States that with some more "education" (does he know that women represent over half of university students in the U.S?) or more "training" (training to do what, shut up and take sexism with decorum, like every nice young lady should?) then we will be able to make the same amount of money.

Kiss my ass McCain.

On a related note...a semi-funny story about a young 15 year old groper in the neighborhood. Said teenage boy totally felt me up as I was walking down the street about 2 months ago. A 15 year old boy! At first I thought he was going to steal my purse. Nope, just wanted to steal my dignity and cop a feel and make some disgusting noises in my ear. I started cussing at him in English (couldn't think of the Spanish words fast enough), he ran away, and I ran after him cussing at him the whole way. It was actually really funny in some ways, you should have seen the look on his face when this crazy gringa lady started running after him shouting in English. We ran by a few people and they just turned and stared. Unfortunately he lost me, but I fully intended to follow him home and talk to his parents. My roomies tell their Mexican friends about this and they think it is hilarious.

3 more house visits to go.....

Update: Apparently McCain didn't vote on this bill, the headline of the article on Huffington Post was deceiving. Apparently his b$llsh#t comments reflected the fact that he would have voted no had he taken the time to actually do his job as my state senator. McCain in fact has missed "a staggering 58 percent" of 110th Congress votes. "McCain has now missed more votes than Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in December 2006 and was unable to return to the Senate until fall of last year. McCain has now missed nine votes more than Johnson."

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