Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nuevo Departamento

The week before I went to the United States for the holidays I moved out of the Big House and into a new apartment (departamento in Spanish) with two other women. I have yet to take photos of the place, it is a nice apartment with a lovely garden, but I did manage to take a picture of the living room.

When we moved in the kitchen had a rather interesting smell about it, and while we couldn't figure out off the top of our heads what exactly that smell was we decided we did not want to live in the same house with it much less cook in close proximity. The thought of it being a roach graveyard entered my mind and therefore I was not at all looking forward to actually uncovering the source. One of my roomies and I spent 6 hours cleaning the kitchen, washing all the dishes, bleaching surfaces, and sorting through all the junk that had been smashed into the kitchen cupboards over the years. I don't think it had been cleaned since the house was built which was at least 8 years ago if not more. We didn't encounter anything too terrible other than a few bug carcasses, tons of bug poisons (yes, I hated that), way too much outdated and rusty kitchen crap, and some mold. You will be happy to know that the smell is gone and other than the tiny ants that don't seem to want to leave (ants I can handle, roaches not so much) the kitchen is actually quite pleasant now. Though we didn't encounter anything more malodorous than mold and old roach baits we did find a single joint tucked away in the spice drawer! This joint was either 1) well past its prime (verified through sniff test) 2) extremely bad pot in the first place (not that I would know..cough, cough) 3) or a mix of pot and oregano. The best part about it was not only that it was stored in the spice drawer (where else!) but also that it was in an old bottle of Jif peanut butter. What does the commercial say..."Choosy moms choose Jif!" and I guess choosy dope smokers choose Jif jars for pot storage. Soccer moms of the world unite in shame! Picture of the joint we did not smoke it....

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