Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ulises Lives!

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Last night I was at a birthday party for the German librarian of the Welte Institute of Oaxacan Studies. The party consisted of me, the librarian, her German friend, and a Oaxacan woman. The party was at the librarian's home which happens to be right next to the Big House, my current residence. We were laughing and drinking wine having a great time when the Oaxacan woman's phone rang. The call was from her maid who informed her that the governor's helicopter, which we had just heard fly overhead, had crashed close to his house in San Felipe! We ran outside (I live in San Felipe very close to the governor) looking for smoke, flames, basically some evidence of the crash. There were no flames, or smoke to be seen but we did notice blinking emergency lights and heard many sirens. The Oaxacan woman (who lives very close to me) and I left, she gave me a ride home, and on the short trek to the Big House we encountered all kinds of cars full of ambulance chasers driving around San Felipe trying to figure out what happened.

This morning the crash was all over the news and apparently the governor was miraculously fine, as well as most of the members of the helicopter except the pilot who had some minor injuries. The photo above displays the wreckage. The helicopter was close to landing and therefore relatively close to the ground and not going very fast. A map of the travel route of the helicopter:

Map source: Noticias Oaxaca

Ulises is not very popular at all in Oaxaca (see some of my old posts from last year) to say the least. The conflict last summer was basically an effort by thousands of people to get him kicked out of office. Since then many of those people have been murdered or disappeared. When it was widely known this morning that Ulises was fine, there were more than a few people who were quite disappointed. Below is a picture of the foxy occupants:

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