Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hierve el Agua, Brown and Peg Leg

Not much posting recently, I had a guest in town for a week (hi guest!) so I have been otherwise occupied. We did manage to head out to Hierve el Agua or, in English, the water boils. It does not however, as we found out, mean the water is warm. It is simply a spot in the mountains outside of Oaxaca where the water boils up from the ground and creates standing pools, waterfalls, and some pretty amazing calcified rock formations.

To get there you must hop on bus to Mitla then take a small collectiva up the mountain. The collectiva is a small truck with a shelter of sorts over the back and benches fashioned to the shelter. On the way up we sat in the back while the two tourists from the Czech Republic, who were obviously a bit smarter than we were, sat up front away from the wind and dust. It was a fun ride however and I managed to let go of the side of the truck and snap a photo before we hit the switchbacks going up the side of the mountain.

My guest, while responsible for some of these great pictures of Oaxaca, was also fascinated by a Peg Leg pigeon and his friend "Brown" that seemed to hang out at a restaurant we visited in the zocalo. It was the topic of conversation for what seemed like a half an hour. One side of the argument said that since Brown and Peg Leg were different they must hang out together because the other normal gray pigeons shunned them. The other side of the argument was that they used their distinctiveness (color and missing appendage) to their advantage to intimidate and rule over the other pigeons. In case you were wondering beer was involved and I believe a shot of tequila as well. Finally all that could be mutually agreed upon was that Peg Leg (whom I dubbed Peggy) and Brown must "roll" together. Translation, they hang out together.

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