Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day of the Dead Photos

A few pictures from Day of the Dead but more to follow and some descriptions. Day of the Dead is an incredible sight in Mexico and any description I try to offer accompanied by photos will pale in comparison to the actual event. This is a must attend at least once in your lifetime.

This a picture from the main cemetery in Oaxaca, though these tapetes (literally rugs) are all over the city. It is a picture on the floor constructed of colored sand. Some are made of concrete powder, or seeds, but frequently just sand. They are truly amazing and transitory works of art. This little lady caught my eye.

The picture below is an altar at my Spanish school. I dropped by on Thursday and there was a band and everyone was drunk from too many shots of mezcal. I just wanted to pay for next weeks lessons! This picture trips me out a bit, notice the light from the sun shining on the cross on the floor, looks a bit like flames doesn't it? I think someone knows I'm a sinner.....

Heading to the cemetery to decorate graves on November 2nd.

Below is a grave in the San Felipe cemetery. A beautiful work of art in the middle of a huge party! We arrived on November 2nd around 9:00pm and it was absolutely packed. The decorations on the grave below were honoring a man who was a piano player. Click on the photo for a closer look. Everything is constructed of flowers and colored sand...amazing detail work.

The following photos are from the cemetery in Atzompa, a suburb of Oaxaca. We arrived on November 1st at 1:15am or so to find the cemetery ablaze with lights from thousands of candles. A band played as more people arrived to adorn the graves. By the time we left there were twice as many candles as when we arrived. It was completely amazing and my terrible pictures do not do the occasion justice, it is something you must see for yourself.