Friday, September 28, 2007

Beach Days!

Not much posting this week as I have a friend in town and we have been traveling first to the beach and today to Mexico City. Upon my return I will try to upload more images of the trip and write a bit about our adventures. In the meantime some pictures of the beach in two towns on the coast of Oaxaca to make you jealous.

Puerto Angel and the Bahia de la Luna hotel on a very hard to get to small bay. I was rolling my luggage down a deeply pitted dirt road. More on that later...

Another view of Bahia de la Luna...that is a cabin up there in the trees.
Not our cabin of course, the cheap accommodations are behind that one.

After Puerto Angel and the rustic environment of the Bahia de la Luna we moved on to Huatulco. Below is a view of one of the bays of Huatulco from the hotel window. We splurged and stayed at the Las Brisas which is all inclusive. They should post a sign in the lobby that says "Warning, all inclusive packages will make you overeat and drink too much in an effort to get your money's worth."

The airplane that took us from Huatulco back to Oaxaca, a 9 hour bus ride just didn't seem appealing after the all inclusive place. Nail biting ride over the mountains but very beautiful!