Monday, July 21, 2008

Guelaguetza Parade 2008

Much has changed since I was here in 2006, the year of the conflict in the city. The official Guelaguetza did not happen that year and most of the festivities and tourism surrounding it did not happen either. This year it is quite a different scene, the streets are filled with tourists, Mexican and foreign alike, and there are too many events to possibly attend. Saturday we stood on the street to watch the parade of dancers show off their traditional costumes and dancing skills, sort of a preview of what is to come at the official Guelaguetza event. Some pictures and video below.

As you can see the event was quite popular

Spectators of all kinds, including roof dogs.

A woman from the Isthmus of Oaxaca.

Freaky dude!

Masked dancers.

Walking home that evening we happened upon a truck unloading some maguey plants for the mezcal tasting fair. Yummy, mezcal...

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