Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have been a real slacker about posting, life is very busy right now and my research activities are really taking off. I also moved into a new apartment yesterday with two other young women so time has been devoted to this endeavor as well. My new apartment is not quite as fancy as the big house but it is definitely a nice space with a garden and good bathrooms! Good bathrooms are important! There was a roach last night on the bathroom counter but luckily it wasn't a big one and my roomie, who I share the bathroom with, killed it. She seems a bit more courageous on the roach front. She did tell me a story about roaches climbing up through the drain on the shower floor onto her leg at her last residence. Apparently it happened twice and now I have the heebie jeebies. I will post pictures of our new place soon.

I did encounter a perverted Oaxaca man on the street the other day, or rather his hand encountered my butt. I was walking along on a narrow sidewalk and coming towards me was a gentleman dressed in a suit carrying a briefcase. As he walked past me turned his hand around and cupped my butt and kept on walking as if nothing happened! Clearly very experienced at the drive by butt touch! I was so shocked and incensed I stopped, turned around, and couldn't think of any Spanish words right then (being so incensed) and just yelled "fucker!" He didn't turn around, just kept on walking. I have since come up with several things to say to him should I ever encounter him on the street!

On another totally random note, earthquake today! It hasn't been posted on the USGS website yet but it was quite a big one!

More later....

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