Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Oaxaca Dogs

I have become attached to those little dogs I posted pictures of earlier. I'm now feeding them everyday (dog food is expensive!) and they hang out by the front gate of the Big House. I've named the black and white and orange and white one Hansel and Gretel. I'm sure when the owners return home next week they will be extremely pleased that they now have pack of dogs congregating and drooling around the front gate. I'm moving to a new apartment in the center of town next week which is a great development (I won't be in BFE anymore) but unfortunately I can't take them with me as there are already dogs at my new apartment. Territory issues. I'm now attempting to get sucker gringos to adopt them. I created this flier to post at the gringo library and attempted to make the dogs look as cute as possible. Click on the image to enlarge..

My research has taken a most exciting turn as well! San Felipe is out and the Triqui indigenous group of Western Oaxaca is in! I will create a separate post regarding this new community for my research but I'm extremely excited and enthusiastic about this new direction. I was wondering when I was going to feel truly inspired about this research experience in Oaxaca and this turn of events has done it! Woo hoo!

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