Saturday, August 05, 2006


I'm back in the U.S., just arrived a few hours ago (drinking some wine) and because I'm so worn out this will be brief. While I am glad to return home (took a long hot shower, did laundry, rediscovered my own living space and my car) I am not looking forward to the mountain of responsibilities that greeted me as I arrived home. In my usual style of procrastination (which is why I did not post in this week, waited until the last minute to get a paper done) I think I will be posting some of the things from my trip that I didn't get to while in Oaxaca. I'm going to miss writing about the city and so will try to prolong the feeling as long as possible. I suppose I can turn the blog into random postings about what my students say and turn in throughout the Global Change class I'm teaching this semester.

So hello again friends and family, Tempe, my apartment and the new car I'm not sure I'll remember how to drive! Now that all instructions are in English on the blog site I think I might be able to post photos! Much better than reading what I have to say. Goodnight and it feels good to be home.

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