Tuesday, August 01, 2006

High Fiving the Zapotec speakers in the market

I am in full procrastination mode, our end of program project and presentation are due this week (next two days) so in addition to playing endless games of solitaire on the computer a short blog entry is also in order. I’m sure the project will be wonderfully sub-par as my usual procrastination affected efforts are but that is a worry for tomorrow. I have had a few glasses of wine so this post might be a bit sloppy but likely no more than usual. I’m also tired from a roach incident last night but since I have stated that I will no longer post about that I will stick to my guns.

The mega march in Mexico City I spoke of turned into a mega campout! I don’t know how many people are camping but I did here that every state in Mexico will be represented. According to some news sources the traffic is snarled and commutes are taking hours (though I’m not sure if this is abnormal) and Obrador has basically asked for patience because this affects the entire country. Exciting stuff! I was speaking with one of my fellow students and we both remarked about how cool (using amazing descriptors right now) it is that we were here for these historic elections.

And what about Fidel! I was talking to another fellow geek and the predictions for what might befall Cuba post-Castro are fascinating. Not that I wish him to die, his decades long needling of the U.S. is great, I am curious to see how the country transforms itself after his death. I was there in 2002 (don't tell any government officials) and will have to take a trip back once the dust settles to compare.

On another note, I walked through the market today on my way to school to try and do some work on my project and recalled when we were given the assignment by our Spanish teachers, early the program, to interview some vendors. I recall walking up and asking someone if I could ask him some questions and he told me he didn’t speak Spanish. I found this truly amazing at the time, solid proof that the indigenous populations I had read about actually did exist! Naive I know but I was truly taken aback by his response. I must have stared at him in disbelief for a bit while my brain registered this information, I suppose I thought nobody had escaped, at least in some small way, the colonialist-capitalist influence. I wanted to give him a high-5 and tell him to keep it up! Okay, clearly I am tipsy.

Back to the paper. I’m finding that I have too much to say (I’m sure this comes as no surprise) and this is causing me some consternation....I’ll let you know how it turns out. The eight ball says.....crappy!

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