Friday, June 16, 2006

Protests and Dry Toilets

The violence in the town center has reportedly died down, I say reportedly because I have not been down there myself and am receiving information from many different sources. The teachers camping in the zocalo were moved out on Wednesday, the place was cleaned up and then they took it over again. Nice of the government to clean it up for them wasn't it! Today there is a huge protest march, 100k to 150k people expected, from outside of the city to the zocalo. Apparently these protests are no longer about the teachers but about removing the currrent governer from power. The aftermath of the July 2nd presidential election should be an interesting time.

The reports of people dying during the initial unrest are unconfirmed. Some say the police took the bodies and basically the people are "disappeared" and others say the deaths never happened.

On another note, we had a guest speaker yesterday, Gustavo Esteva, who spoke about the Zapatista movement. It was interesting but their goals are difficult to wrap your mind around. We are continuing the discussion at his house on Thursday and I plan to ask him some further questions about how they intend to create a whole new world. SeƱor Esteva also told us about his dry toilet, not sure what that is but I will report back since I will inevitably have to pee 10 jillion times while there.

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