Sunday, June 25, 2006


I'm in Puerto Escondido for the weekend hanging out on the beach. This is a great little surfing town on the Pacific with monster waves (had to use a little surfing lingo) and surfers from all over the world. They were recently hit with some 8 meter waves which destroyed a lot of the palapas that line the beach and serve frosty beverages but luckily I'm still able to find cold beer. So it is after surveying all the damage from big waves that I have decided to take a surfing lesson! Clearly the heat and humidity have fried my brain. More later on the surfing, the bus ride down here from Oaxaca and other adventures. I will however offer a closing piece of advice: drinking mezcal while on a bus traveling down windy roads at a fast clip is a very bad idea. It is an even worse idea to attempt to use the bathroom on said bus.

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