Friday, December 05, 2008

One of the best excuses ever

As a teacher, and a former slacker undergraduate student, I have seen, heard, and offered some pretty creative excuses for missing class. Most excuses are pretty run of the mill, got sick, car broke down, witnessed a shooting (yup, got that one this semester) but a few weeks ago one of my students furnished me with one of the most hilarious bits of "proof" for their absence I have encountered. Said student missed a class in which we had a quiz. He claimed to have had very bad food poisoning and I told him that if he could bring me a doctor's note I would let him take the quiz. He shows up to my office, not with a doctor's note, but with a note from his roommate. Not only was it a note from his roommate but it was on half a sheet of ripped paper. Despite the fact that I knew this guy was lying through his teeth, I let him take the quiz because he made me laugh so hard. See for on the note below.

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