Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This past weekend some friends and I went to Puebla. Road trip! Puebla is about 4 hours away from Oaxaca towards Mexico City.

A big bull on the drive to Puebla.

Street scene.

Tiled building facade.

Cool window.

Wonderfully bright building!

Hotel sign.

Puebla is known for being a very pious city, there are literally churches on every corner. Catholicism is king here and the amount of jesus (not capitalizing jesus or christ out of protest) oriented souvenirs, photos, etc. is mind boggling. While we were cruising up and down the pedestrian walkway in the historic center we encountered people cleaning the street for christ and painting light posts for christ. Yes, seriously. One of the more ridiculous jesus-centered items were photos in which your child was superimposed sitting on jesus's lap, or standing in a field with jesus, or generally in some way interacting with a super white and healthy representation of the man. One photo I saw depicted him with what appeared to be ultra white veneers, a la Tom Cruise. He also appears to work out a lot and sometimes looks like Fabio. who graced the covers of countless romance novels and then ended up being a spokesperson for "I can't believe it's not butter!" An amusing photo below.

Sunday we traveled out to Cholula, a town about 10 kilometers away from Puebla, to visit the ruins. A huge pyramid, whose walls are overgrown with grass and trees on the outside and topped with a giant catholic church, shoots up from the otherwise relatively flat landscape. I took the photo below while standing on top of the pyramid. The grassy mound or hill in the foreground is another prehispanic archaeological structure covered in trees and grass, much like the one I'm standing on though much smaller and not topped with the display of ecclesiastical power.

Another view from atop the grand pyramid, one of the many churches in the area. In the foreground is a soccer field with cows grazing at one end close to the goal posts. Click the photo to see a larger image of said cows.

Puebla's landscape is dominated by the volcano Popocatepetl (say that 3 times fast), or Popo, a beautiful snow capped peak with gently sloping sides. Click the photo below to see the volcano in the background.

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