Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everything is Green!

Oaxaca has been getting so much rain in the past few weeks that everything is wonderfully green. I went on two house visits this week, there are still a few to be done. Somehow poverty doesn't look as bad when surrounded by green grass. After leaving the area pictured below on Monday I got completely soaked by the storm you see brewing on the horizon.

Tuesday I went to this Colonia on the edge of town and the roads were a mess. Completely muddy and difficult to walk on.

Smiles like these help you forget about some of the hardship. This kid was thrilled to have a strange gringa in his house. White girl! With computer! And camera! It was hilarious. He was running around giggling and rolling on the ground. I asked him and his siblings if they wanted to help me take pictures but they were too scared to touch the camera so I just took their photos and then showed them the image. This family was particularly impoverished, they didn't have any electricity, although this kids grin probably lights up their house at night. Couple hundred watts there.

More wonderful smiles.

Our garden at the house is very green as well which makes it lovely to sit on the patio except that the mosquitoes seem to like it too. The other day I was feeling ambitious (procrastinating) and decided to trim some of the grass with clippers. I was humming along and suddenly looked down and saw a little frog with his guts spilling out and his legs twitching. I killed a little frog!! Cut him right in half. I felt so bad, stopped cutting grass after that.

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heidipie said...

Hi, Melissa, Google sent me to your blog when I was trying to find out more about the Triqui pirate radio murders. I just read it non-stop from start to finish (well, finish to start)--I love the politics mixed with the roach battles. My family and I are coming from Berkeley, CA to spend July in Oaxaca. Thanks to your direction, I'll pack a bag of toiletries and crayons to bring to the Centro de Esperanza Infantil. If you want to hook up with some like-minded gringos with adorable daughters, send me an e-mail ( and we'll take you out to lunch. BTW, everybody gets that look on their face when they're running a game of pin the tail on the donkey, whatever land they're in--I have photographic evidence.

Heidi Pie Aronson (nee Smith!)