Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pictures of Poverty

I have been going on a lot of visits to homes around Oaxaca for the Centro administering socioeconomic surveys. I wanted to post a few pictures of the poverty I'm encountering, not because it is unique, rather because it is ubiquitous. These are not isolated cases, these houses sit in neighborhoods surrounded by others dwelling in the exact same conditions.

This house was on the side of a very steep hill, we had to walk up a dirt path to reach it. The sides of the home and the roof are made of "lamina" as they refer to it here in Mexico, basically corrugated tin. Despite what we might think of as deplorable conditions the woman who owned this home remarked "es de lamina pero es mio" which basically means "it is made of tin but it is mine."

Another house in the "suburbs" of Oaxaca. This place actually had two rooms made of cement behind the room of lamina you see here so they are doing much better than the family in the photo above.

This family lives in the center of the city of Oaxaca and 4 people share a single room.

The woman who lives in the house below has been sick and unable to work for awhile now. She actually rents this place and lives there with her young daughter. Notice the wall being reinforced with cardboard.

A private latrine which is very common in many of these homes. Having a flush toilet and sanitary drainage is a complete luxury.

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smsorour said...

Why don't they ever show pictures of this when you google Mexico? they show only the tourist areas. I want to see the real Mexico and you did a great job of showing it